Six Key Apps For Business Owners

In order for your business to strive, there are key tools that you need, here are six of my top apps for my business:

Planoy- Okay, for starters, I freaking love this app, especially on my computer. It lets me schedule everything for Instagram, it saves me the hassle of trying to rush to post, it does all the dirty work for me.

Asana- Who doesn’t love a task manager? This bad boy manages EVERYTHING I need to do for my business, literally everything.. did I say everything already? Not to mention it’s FREE.

Followers+ – I use this app for Instagram, it helps me keep track of my followers, so I can post at the perfect time of engagement.

Facebook Ads- This app is sooooo useful because you can make the best ad for your business, straight from your phone, not to mention you can now add Ads to Messenger, it’s so lit.

Canva- If I’m on the go, and I need a quick visual, I’ll just make it on Canva, Canva is so amazing, I use it for literally everything.

Gif Maker- If I want a quick, and easy visual for my followers to love, I’ll use Canva and then I’ll turn it into a Gif.

I hope these apps help you, as much as they’ve helped me.

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