How To Write The Perfect Email Funnel

Email funnels can be a monster if you don’t know how to properly tackle them. Let’s start with the basics, an email funnel is a series of emails sent to a particular person or a group of people due to a particular interest that they have in your business. With an email pop up on your site, all of your site visitors come to one place in your desired email marketing platform, a funnel narrows down those visitors into a specific group. In essence, your email funnel has one goal… make the sale.

Your email list should be broken down into two lists, potential customers (people who haven’t purchased) and customers.


This opt-in can be a worksheet, an email challenge, a video, a digital product, or even a giveaway or discount code.

This opt-in needs to be something worth value, let’s be honest 9/10 if you just have “Sign Up For Our Newsletter” people will exit out of it, and even if they didn’t 1-2 people subscribing vs 30 people makes a major difference. You want your opt-in to showcase that you actually have knowledge of what you’re selling. For example: For hair businesses,¬†your opt-in can be different summer styles that you can wear your weave in. You want to make your opt-in compelling, fun, and simple. Overcomplicated opt-ins it’s harder to turn a subscriber into a customer.

Now once you have your opt-in it’s time to create this BOMB funnel. My favorite platform to create an email funnel on is Mailerlite, some prefer ConvertKit, but if you want to save some coins, and still sell, use Mailerlite, Mailchimp is good, but MailChimp is limited in my opinion, I prefer Mailerlite.


Your first email should be a Welcome Email this email should:

  1. Say Welcome
  2. Give Them The Opt-In Of Your Choice
  3. Tell Them About You
  4. Tell Them About Your Business
  5. Say Thank You


This email you can do two ways, you can write a general blog post about the main thing your business offers *for example, I would write about design* and make sure just like the opt-in this is VALUABLE information, I mean this is better than google info. You could also make this email a free-for-all and by that, I mean you share your personal story of how you came into the business, and why this is important to you. The key to business is solving a problem, wealth is created when you solve a problem.

The key to business is solving a problem, wealth is created when you solve a problem.


This email should be promoting your #1 product, whatever that product is, this is what this should do. This email should be vibrant, full of color, and definitely make them feel like whatever your business offers, they NEED to have this. You have to be so confident in your business that you KNOW what you bring to the table, and how YOUR business will change the lives of others.

I now have the perfect guide for you. Your email marketing funnel guide is here, and it’s FREE! You just have to click to download. Always remember your passion, and purpose is WHY you’re in business, but your confidence determines how far you go in business.

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