The Dos & Don’ts Of Marketing Your Service On Facebook

Facebook can be super intimidating to most. I mean between the algorithm, the ads, let’s not even get started on the ads. All of it can come off super overwhelming and frustrating. Being a business coach, I always see my clients winging it when it comes to social media, do you know what the problem with this is? No clear strategy. No clear end goal.

Sometimes when we’re driving we can miss our turn by not paying attention, or too caught up singing our favorite song, or even fussing at your significant other or your kids, what does the GPS do when this happens? It simply just reroutes us. Of course, our final destination is going to take longer, but it does reroute us. When we’re just simply driving (using social media) and not focused on where we’re going (the end goal) then we’re constantly being rerouted, and that is what hinders us in the end.

So what does all this have to do with Facebook Marketing? A lot actually. Facebook is one of the fastest growing social media platforms (if used properly) that can really cause exponential growth in your business.

So now you’re like….okay Kelsei, I NEED to be using Facebook to market my business but HOW do I do it right?

Here are 5 things you SHOULD be doing to market your services on Facebook:

  • Using Facebook Groups

    • I know, you probably read or hear this a lot, but did you know that Facebook Groups have a 47% conversion rate? Do you know how high that is? Let me put it into perspective hosting a webinar for your business has a 1-2% conversion rate, which means out 100 people that attend your webinar it’s projected that 1 person will buy from you afterward. Facebook Groups, on the other hand, have a 47% conversion rate! Which means out of 100 people who are looking for (you) that 47 people will follow up with you! That’s A LOT more than 1! I like those odds. How do you use Facebook Groups to your benefit? Use that handy search bar! Search within groups your industry, so, for example, I would search “Business Coach” in Facebook Groups & whoever posts something mentioning a business coach, I would comment my business information REGARDLESS of how old the post is. Why do you ask? 90% of the time I’m not commenting for the original person who posted (because 9/10 they’ve already found someone) but I’m posting for the people in the comments. People who are looking are going to see the last comment first, and they’ll click my link, book a call or whatever my CTA (call-to-action) is.
  • Have Who You Serve As Your Facebook Page Cover¬†

    • A lot of people didn’t know this was a gamechanger but it is. Who do you serve? For me I serve creative entrepreneurs this could be coaches, consultants, designers, online experts, freelancers, etc. On my cover for my page I have my name, and what I do, and who I serve. If you want an example of that click here to view my Facebook Page! When people see my page the first thing they see is who I serve, if that’s them then they keep scrolling if it’s not then they may keep scrolling, but they’ll more than likely exit. Why is this important? It helps me TRULY serve those that want to be served, AND it helps me to leverage myself as an expert.¬†
  • Being Firm About Who You Serve

    • Facebook has over 1.49 BILLION active daily users PER DAY! Anyone can come across your business on Facebook, and yet you cannot serve everyone. I know in business just starting out you can want to just get your foot in the door serving everyone, but in reality, it can’t work like that! You’re doing both the potential client AND yourself a disservice by not serving who you absolutely love. I only want to serve service-based business owners who WANT to be known as the expert in their industry, if that’s not you…perfectly okay, but that’s who I enjoy serving. Who do you enjoy serving?
  • Having Your Personal Profile Bio In Tact

    • You probably didn’t even know Facebook had a personal bio feature. Yes, they do. Your personal bio allows potential clients to take a peek inside of your life. There are only 101 characters that you can use for it, so it forces you to be short, sweet, and to the point. Your personal bio is a quick summary of what you do. It’s essentially who you are & who you serve. Why is this important? When you’re engaging with other people on Facebook if they’re interested the FIRST thing they’re going to do is click your profile. You need to capture them in by that bio! Your bio doesn’t have to be long and drawn out, but it does have to highlight who you are and who you serve.
  • Using Ads Manager

    • I know, Ads make you cringe. I use to be the same way in the beginning, but I’ve learned to LOVE ads because they really do help my business. Ads can really help your business if you’re looking to do two things: brand awareness, get more clients. I always run two ads, one for brand awareness and one to acquire more clients. Why two? I don’t want to sell to someone who isn’t familiar with my business, I have to build trust. So! I run one ad for my freebie (a 12-month planner – which you can download here if you want to check it out) and one for people who have already engaged with my business to book a call with me.


So we have the DOS…let’s get into things you SHOULDN’T be doing when it comes to marketing your services on Facebook:

  • Boosting Posts

    • I mentioned above that you should be using Ads Manager, what you SHOULDN’T be doing is boosting posts. Boosting posts are a big no! Huge no! Why? You probably didn’t know that there was even a difference, well in actuality there is. When creating an ad in Ads manager you have the option of creating what type of marketing campaign you want whether that’s brand awareness, traffic to your site, conversions, engagement. When you boost a post, you don’t have an option, it’s just being thrown out there and whoever sees it, sees it. Do you see where the disconnect on this is? I never recommend boosting actual posts, but I have seen some success in boosting a video, and later using the people who watched that video in a retargeting ad.
  • Arguing With People On Posts

    • No matter WHAT the argument is about, and what your views on it are, you shouldn’t be arguing with anyone on Facebook. Exchanging opinions? Cool. But arguing? No. People see that potential clients see what you’re saying, and you don’t want to lose any potential clients because you’re currently caught up in your emotions and feelings. It’s not the best idea.
  • Spamming Facebook Groups

    • No one wants to be spammed, I mean let’s just take a look in our inboxes, we hate spam. Facebook Groups are meant to help you, they’re not meant for you to just sell, sell, sell, sell. They’re meant for NETWORKING. You have to give in order to get. This means at times giving away free information to help someone out. You never know who’s watching.
  • Not Having A Clear Strategy

    • We talked early how wingin it DOES not help our business in any way, shape, or function. You have to have a CLEAR strategy. What’s your overall business goal? More sales? More freedom? Start there and everything you create will be pushing you toward your end goal!
  • No Direct Contact Option

    • Your messenger is turned off! How are potential clients suppose to contact you? It’s easier to send a quick message via messenger than to send an email! Turn your messenger on. You want the process for your potential client to get in contact with you, as simple and easy as possible.

Honorable mention: you SHOULD be following up with every client in your messenger, everybody that was interested in your services need to be receiving follow up messages 2-3 days after you initially contacted them (if they haven’t confirmed anything with you directly)

Facebook Marketing doesn’t have to be hard, but it does take STRATEGY!

If you need additional help with Facebook Ads, I have a one-hour training that teaches you how to properly use Facebook Ads! Learn more here.


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