Facebook ad

intensive training

exclusive four part training that teaches you the ins & outs of facebook ads and how to be successful with them.

You may have wondered...

How are people REALLY making money from Facebook Ads?

Does this sound familiar? You are...

Tired of being on a constant cycle with your facebook ads

hitting publish on an ad you worked so hard for, only to not get the results you desired

struggling to find ways to get your ad in front of your audience without breaking the bank.

if you've ever felt frustrated trying to naviagate through facebook ads...

...let me tell you a secret

Or even confused on WHAT the fancy terminology is, and how to properly understand all of it....

facebook ads aren't as bad as you think they are.. you can & will conquer them!


And that is why i created a solution ..

You'd know just how to word your ad copy and finally relax without worrying about if this is going to be another ad that goes to waste.

Now you have a crystal clear ad-strategy, target audience poppin', ad copy killing it, image placement capturing your audience, and an effective campaign objective–now you have confidence knowing that you just made a killer ad without the stress.


Facebook Ad Intensive Training

The only facebook ad training program that teaches business owners how to navigate and create successful facebook ads in just three hours.

I've custom-designed this training for business owners like you, so you can finally start creating effective ads–and less of winging it.

And now?

I'm handing it over to you.

I'm ready! Teach me how to create effective facebook ads For $47>>

This training is made up of..

15 ad templates that I use for my own business, which has allowed me to captivate my audience in a simple and easy way.

easy to follow lessons with 11 video trainings, teaching you the step by step process to creating & launching a successful ad.

two-week ad support. you've went through all the trainings & now you're ready to launch. you have a two week window to get any additional help from me. i'll even double check your ad before you hit publish to ensure the optimization.

Yes Kelsei! Teach Me How To Create Effective Facebook Ads! >>

see what the buzz is all about...

okay kelsei, how does this facebook ad intensive thing work?




Click the button below, tap your mouse through the check-out, and boom: in just a few minutes, an email will hit your inbox (lookout for the subject line hey you're in! welcome to the facebook ad intensive training) with login details!

Schedule out time (about 3 hours maximum) to study up on the 11 videos– they're all ready and waiting on you! can't dive in right away? no worries. you have lifetime access.

By tomorrow, you're going to on an ad creating ramage. from creating, to launching, to tracking, you're launching effective ads without breaking a sweat!

Yes kelsei, teach me how to create effective facebook ads for $47! >>

I'm here to make sure your business 

with a killer strategy

Let me help you leverage your expertise on Facebook so you can land your dream clients and finally make the income you deserve. My proven strategies will take you from invisible to invincible in 8 weeks.


are you ready to finally be the go to in your INDUSTRY?

I'm kelsei

About your instructor:


Q: Who is the right fit for this training?

A: If you want to learn how to create an effective facebook ad then this training was created for you.


Q: I don't live in the US, can I still take the training?

A: Of course! we have students from all over the world. please note the course is written & spoken in english.


Q: Do I get one-on-one coaching with Kelsei from this?

A: You do not RECEIVE one-on-one coaching, but you do have a two week window to ask kelsei any questions you may have,


Q: Do I have to have ran Facebook Ads before taking this training?

A: Heck no girl! Whether you've ran ads before, or never before, this training is perfect for you,


Q: I don't think I have time for this? How long does it take?

A: I created this with the busy entrepreneur in mind. the trainings are 1-2 hours, and IMPLEMENTATION of the training is about 1 hour. so 3 hours overall.


Q: How quickly will I get access to the training?

A: How does instantly sound? as soon as you click enroll and go through the payment process, you will gain instant access (via email) to the training.


Q: How long do I have access for?

A: forever! as long as you have your login information and wifi, you have lifetime access.


Q: Do you offer refunds?

A: Due to instant access to the training & all of the information. refunds are not offered.